how long is the show?

Chick Flick the Musical is 90 minutes long with no intermission.

Is there an iNTERMISSION?

Chick Flick the Musical is only 90 minutes long so we don’t need an intermission — it’s the perfect length for sitting after having a glass of wine.

Who is the sexiest man alive?

According to People Magazine, the 2018 Sexiest Man Alive is Idris Elba: Link. We agree!

Do I need to cover my eyes or ears at any point in the show?

Chick Flick the Musical is free of strobe lighting effects and gunshots. It’s just a whole bunch of singing, a whole bunch of laughing, and a reasonable amount of dancing too.

Is there popcorn?

Yes, so much popcorn — but just onstage.

Is there Chick Flick the Musical merchandise?

Awesome Chick Flick the Musical merch will be available in our store on Cafe Press: Link. Also, just for people reading this FAQ, there is a Chick Flick the Musical Cocktail Recipe Book available online — download it here: Link